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Tip :: Checking the arch curve using a laser

This is a method of using a laser when working on the arch of a violin.

Typically, arch templates and contour lines are used to work on violin arches. However, they have the disadvantage of not being able to confirm the curve three-dimensionally. These shortcomings can be compensated for by fixing a commercially available laser module to the ceiling or attaching it to a small flashlight.

Ceiling fixed laser

When using the laser module fixed to the ceiling, use a + shaped laser. At this time, check the arch by moving the plate of the instrument.

As long as the laser module can be fixed perpendicularly to the ceiling, any fixing method will do. In my previous studio, I simply fixed it with wood, but my current studio has rail lighting installed on the ceiling, so I disassemble one of the rail lighting fixtures and insert a laser module to use it.

Below are production photos.

This is a laser module, rail lighting fixture, and battery box. Laser modules are readily available on the Internet. The bottom right photo shows the lower part of the rail light fixture removed and the laser module inserted into the hole. The battery box is a science experiment device for children that holds three AA batteries.

Just connect the wires to the laser module, attach it to the ceiling rail, and secure the battery box to the wall, as shown in the photo above.

Handy laser

In the case of the handheld type, a - shaped laser module is used, and the curve is checked by moving the laser while the instrument plate is fixed.

I purchased a small flashlight that takes two AAA batteries, removed the LED module, and installed a laser module in its place. (Unfortunately, there are no working photos, only finished photos.)

One thing to note is that when purchasing a flashlight, the internal diameter of the flashlight must match the external diameter of the laser module.

This is a completed photo with the front LED module of the flashlight removed and the laser inserted.

Two AAA batteries are included.

Video of actual use

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