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Biography & Philosophy


Violin Maker   HWANG IL SEOK


Born in South Korea

(Japan) *Kyushu Institute of Design, School of Design, Acoustic Design

(Italy) Cremona International Violin Making School

(Korea) H.I.S. Violin Atelier - current -

* (Current) Kyushu University. In 2003, it merged with Kyushu University.

The reason for the existence of an instrument is to make a 'sound'. Having a good sound, being sturdy and comfortable to play. These three things are the conditions for an instrument to exist, and finally, when beauty is added, it can be said that it is a great instrument. Violin makers should always keep these priorities in mind.

​The violin, on the borderline between science, art and technology, is the legacy of all of us. The balance of the above three items is fundamental to the preservation and development of this human heritage.

2013-06-06 08.53.12.jpg

Following without knowing why is 'copying'. In order to become a musical instrument maker rather than a musical instrument copier, we need to be curious about the reasons and principles and constantly research.

Knowledge is the foundation of human support, and the sharing of knowledge is the energy of human development.

Books make people, but people make people too.
A big thanks to Maestro 'Ezio Scarpini'.

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