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Software :: [Update] Violin Designer, v.2.5.1

Some functions related to corners have been added/changed.


A new feature has been added. You can display the angle and slope of the corner, and enter the model name. By being able to check the angle and inclination values of the corners, a more consistent design is possible, and model management becomes easier by outputting the model name. The width of the corner junction was always set to be the same as the width of the corner, but by changing it to be set freely, it is possible to design more diverse shapes.

This manual describes only the additions or changes compared to the previous version. Therefore, please refer to the manual of the previous version (v.2.3.0) for general information.


Added features

  • Show angle of corner

  • Show the slope of the corner

  • Display model name


Changed function

  • Manual setting of corner connection points is possible



Since this program is a portable version, no installation work is required. After unpacking, double-click the 《Violin_Designer_v.X.X.X.exe》 file in the 《Violin_Designer_v.X.X.X》 folder to run the program immediately. However, it may take a long time to run depending on the specifications of your computer.

When installing and executing the program, pay attention to the following points.

Run as administrator

If the 《Violin_Designer_v.X.X.X》 folder is in the Windows system folder such as ‘Program Files’ of C drive, you must ‘run as administrator’ when running the program. Otherwise, it may not work properly, or PDF, DXF, or TXT files may not be saved properly.

Windows security settings

When unpacking program files, ‘Windows Security’ may automatically delete some files for reasons such as suspicious files. In that case, you have to decompress the file again after de-isolating the file in the Windows security settings. This program does not contain any viruses.


View user's manual


Download program and user's manual

Download ZIP • 96.48MB
Download PDF • 507KB

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