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Software :: [Update] Catenary Curve Generator, v.3.2.1

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Some bugs have been fixed.


The problem that the result value becomes inaccurate when Offset and Height are similar and the speedup processing method have been fixed. (Only the calculation logic inside the program has been changed, so there is no change in usage.)


Changed function

  • Fixed the problem that the result value is inaccurate when Offset and Height are similar

  • Modify the speed-up processing method



Since this program is a portable version, no installation work is required. After unpacking, double-click the 《Catenary_Curve_Generator_v.X.X.X.exe》 file in the 《Catenary_Curve_Generator_v.X.X.X》 folder to run the program immediately. However, it may take a long time to run depending on the specifications of your computer.

When installing and executing the program, pay attention to the following points.

Run as administrator

If the 《Catenary_Curve_Generator_v.X.X.X》 folder is in the Windows system folder such as ‘Program Files’ of C drive, you must ‘run as administrator’ when running the program. Otherwise, it may not work properly, or PDF, DXF files, etc. may not be saved properly.

Windows security settings

When unpacking program files, ‘Windows Security’ may automatically delete some files for reasons such as suspicious files. In that case, you have to decompress the file again after de-isolating the file in the Windows security settings. This program does not contain any viruses.


View user's manual


Download program and user's manual

Download ZIP • 67.45MB
Download PDF • 1.16MB

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Apr 17, 2023

Hello Hwang. I am curious: what led you to prefer the catenary over the curate cycloid suggested years ago by Quentin Playfair. Reference below. The cycloid provides not only the central arch, but also the transition, recurve and channel region. Are you familiar with Quentin's work?

Replying to

sorry. Due to a problem with the website, I wasn't notified of your reply, so I'm only reading it now.

There may be a misunderstanding, but I don't use Catenary curves on the arches of my instruments. I use the Catenary curve as the initial line when making the Bass-bar.

After attaching the right-angled Bass-bar to the front plate, the upper part of the Bass-bar is cut into a catenary curve shape. After that, listen to the sound and modify the top line little by little.

I know about the curate cycloid you mentioned. However, one thing to keep in mind is that among the arch curves discovered so far, the curate cycloid is closest to the arch curve of…

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