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Notice :: My workshop has moved.

I moved from a small, old place to a new place.

The working environment is better than before.

The work space has become larger, and there is also space to relax.

This is the recording room I most wanted to have. Originally, my hope was to build an anechoic room, but it is difficult to build an anechoic room on one's own. So I compromised with a recording room that mimicked an anechoic chamber. It took a lot of time to adjust the room acoustic characteristics.

This is a place for recording instrument sounds and testing auditory balance. I need to build some more structures for recording.

The door on the left is the recording room, and the door on the right is the varnish room and laboratory. All research, including painting instruments and document work, is done in the laboratory.

The third photo shows the exterior signboard.

This is a view of the inside of the lab and a business card on the table.

Here are some other items. You can also see the only Apple refrigerator in the world.

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